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Am v. annoyed at LJ...they won't let me upload my avatar & so I'm going to post it here just to spite them. So there.
His Royal Thorntoness, the HCMOopT (Handsome Cotton-Mill Owner or possibly Tenant) :
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The following songs have been on repeat on winamp/iTunes/iPod for the past month:
(well I don't have an ipod, I have an iriver, you can watch movies on it so it's even better for bludging the hours away at work)
1. Detroit Emeralds- Feel the Need in Me
2. Hall and Oates- Rich Girl/You Make Me Feel Brand New
3. The Hollies- The Air that I Breathe
4. Vanessa Daou- Juliette
5. Damien Rice- The Blower's Daughter
6. Hutch and His Orchestra- Ain't Misbehavin'
7. Eva Cassidy- Danny Boy
8. Teddy Wilson- There's A Lull in My Life
9. John Hiatt- Have a Little Faith in Me
10. Michael Buble- You Belong to Me
11. Ricki Lee Jones- Chuck E.'s in Love
12. The Rolling Stones- Waiting on A Friend
13. Martin Phipps- North and South soundtrack, badly ripped from DVD by moi

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FF.net Mary Sue name meme, stolen from everyone...

I like how this author assures us the main character is not a Mary Sue, despite her "intoxicating, ice-blue eyes" and "14-inch waist" (is that even possible?):

When Harry's cousin from America and has to come for the summer and to Hogwarts. All hell breaks loose but will Harry's unknown cousin and witty american attitude save all from Voldemorts rath ( ofcourse)Please R/R! Harry is 16/Alexis is 14. Not a ms.

and this:

During the final battle, Harry dies and Voldemort now rules. Hermione and Ron's daughter, Alexis, is unprepared for Harry's ghost to haunt her. Rated for mild swearing.

I get to be R/Hr's daughter! Woo-hoo!!
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Ronald Reagan- I don't remember him at all as the president, but I shall always love him for his films, especially "The Hasty Heart".

Rest in Peace.

The don't need kindling cause they're already a-burnin'....


"Cuaron says scriptwriter Steve Kloves and he flirted with the idea of kindling romance between Hermione and Ron but decided against it because the next Harry Potter film may deal with it."

Well, yeah, the next one kind of deals with that. (Not that I would expect Kloves to know, since that would involve, you know- reading the books, not just underlining the passages where GirlPower!Hermione Kicks Ass.

Am rereading OoTP at the moment. There is a passage that strikes me as very Hermione=McG, not that I am particularly fond of that theory. Ron=DD is another story though, hence the icon...

(PoA not opening for another week! Bah. And stupid Australian censors have rated it M15+. Not that I think it's kids' stuff, but hello- you've just sent your profits to hell.)

In other news, "ER" is grating on my last nerve. Go away, several characters.

I was hit on today by a weird guy who told me I looked like Reese Witherspoon. That's like, the third time someone has told me that. And I don't!
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